What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

July 30, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

So You Think You Can Dance @ 8pm on KTTVHD

After last week's surprising and shocking elimination results that sent the most technically trained dancer home (r.i.p. Will) and found our favorite dancer Twitch second to last and saved by the skin of his teeth-- who knows what to expect from this season! Call us skeptical, but if this was just a ploy to get America to pick up the phone and vote.... well it worked, we're sure to be voting tonight and keep our beloved Twitch in the game. We're digging Katie too. Who are your favorites this season? Were you digging Will's impersonation solo dance?

Project Runway @ 9pm on Bravo

Like previous Runway casts, this season's group features memorable personalities, including leather-loving urban outfitter Stella. And then there's Suede, who refers to himself in the third person over and over and over again. Last week, the colorful clique utilized environmentally responsible materials to create cocktail dresses. It was easy being green for Suede. He may talk in the third person, but he was the first person here, winning with his "effortless" little number. Tonight, Tim Gunn squires the designers on a field trip, with the sights, sounds and styles of New York inspiring them.

Baby Borrowers @ 9pm on NBC

Teens discover they have one life lesson left, and it might just be the most important one yet: Senior citizens enter the scene in the season finale, and they bring along a lifetime of wisdom and experience — and their own little quirks and needs. At the end of it all, the teens look back at their whirlwind experience and reflect on what they have learned, and viewers get an update on what the couples are up to.

Shear Genius @ 10pm on Bravo

Last week, our super cutters went to the shore, but it was no day at the beach: They had to cut and shape the hair of surfer dudes. Overjoyed, cart-wheeling Nicole tallied the win with her snazzy style — pure heaven for her. Speaking of heaven, there's a nifty little reunion between two angels in tonight's outing. Kate Jackson, host Jaclyn Smith's costar in the series Charlie's Angels, appears as a guest judge, overseeing the hairstylists' efforts to reinvent notable looks from that iconic '70s show. Ironically, contestant Charlie appears to be no angel tonight.