What to Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

July 24, 2008 By:
What to Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

So You Think You Can Dance @ 8pm

Many were stunned and heartbroken when Kherington was voted off last week. Comfort saved herself by the skin of her teeth with that outstanding hip-hop performance with Twitch. Will she do it again?? Only if she dances hip-hop or gets krump/buck, her technique skills is lacking in other areas of dance. And don't miss tomorrow night's results show, which will feature LL Cool J and the Dream performing "Baby," from LL's latest album, Exit 13.

Buzzin' @ 10:30pm

Series premiere of an odd couple with rising star rapper Shwayze and WhiteStarr frontman/ladies man Cisco. His first single, "Buzzin'," is slowly climbing the charts. This new reality series follows the self-proclaimed "only black kid in Malibu" and his posse, as they become players in the rap game. They go to Phoenix on Super Bowl weekend for a bunch of gigs and parties, including following Snoop Dogg in the Bud Bowl. The only problem is that Shwayze has to be in L.A. for a court appearance the next morning, and getting out of Phoenix on Super Bowl Sunday night is no easy feat.

Criss Angel @ 10pm

Another celeb ladies man! The fourth season begins, and what does Criss do? He goes out for a stroll! OK, so it's not your usual, everyday jaunt. The illusionist attempts to walk on water, venturing out onto Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in America. And he goes out more than 200 feet in front of unsuspecting boaters and onlookers observing from the shore.

Baby Borrowers @ 9pm

The teens are nearing the end of their fast-forward life experiment, so you would think they'd have the hang of it by now. But taking care of fellow teens proves more difficult than they imagined. Pranks, insolence and disrespect aren't even the worst of what the kids dish out. The pressure gets to be too much for one troubled couple, leaving a mom in the lurch and on her own. The breakup, however, is more like a wake-up call for her, and she surprises even herself when she settles into the role of a single parent and succeeds.