So You Think You Can Dance Weekend

October 22, 2007 By:
So You Think You Can Dance Weekend

If anyone missed last season's "So You Think You Can Dance", you could have caught up with back-to-back episodes on MTV this passed weekend. The monster hit dance show had its most recent season play out this summer and proved to be the most exciting thing on TV. It was the perfect time to debut the new season as we patiently waited for the re-up of new shows for the Fall line up.

The show should have been called America's Favorite Choreographer because with choreographers like Mia Michaels and Wade Robson, they bring the dance caliber to whole new level. Their routines are difficult and intricate, as well emotional and they always think "outside the box". You can say that they are the real stars of this show.

Who could forget Wade's Hummingbird and Flower routine or Mia's Dance in heaven? Coupled together with the talented dancers and beautiful music made us forget about American Idol.

However, this weekend was the previous season and the caliber of dancers was nowhere near as talented as this summer's show. Benji winning the whole thing was the most entertaining part, aside from watching the choreographers of course. This tells me the show is just getting better and better.

Next year's season should be the best ever with new and old choreographers enchanting our hearts and new dancers heating up the floor.