'So You Think You Can Dance' Judges: Five Things You Didn't Know

July 27, 2012 By:

If you love dancing, chances are you LOVE “So You Think You Can Dance.” It’s like “Dancing with the Stars” except you don’t have to sit through celebrities being bad at the cha-cha. Everyone is good at EVERYTHING on SYTYCD.

Nigel Lythgoe, the brainchild behind the show as well as one of the original producers of “American Idol” and Mary Murphy, show judge and Ballroom dance world Hot-shot, chatted up Hollyscoop at a taping of the show to let us in on five things you may not have known about these judges.

“Five things you don’t know about me?” Nigel asks, “I had a heart attack, I’ve got a stint, I’ve lost 15 feet of intestine, I got divorced, I miss my intestine, how many have I done?”

In January 2003, while editing one of the early seasons of “American Idol” right after Nigel’s career began to skyrocket, he was living on the “Idol” high and too many cigarettes and suffered a heart attack.

He then suffered a burst appendix and the poison from the rupture meant that his intestine was strangulated which resulted in loosing his colon and 15 ft of his intestine.

Two years later, he was blindsided when his wife met someone new and asked for a divorce.

That's several things I highly doubt you knew about the choreographer-turned-reality TV mogul.

Mary Murphy is a ballroom dancer, creator of one of the prominent ballroom dance competitions and frequent user of the phrase “Hot Tamale Train” but I bet you didn’t know this:

“You probably don't know that I ran track. I played the bassoon, I have a degree in physical education, let's see, I have three brothers, I was really the fourth boy and I loved to build rafts growing up like Huckleberry and go down the canal river,” says Murphy.

It’s true, she grew up in Ohio and graduated from Ohio University with a degree in PE and modern dance, but traded in her raft-floating days for a career as a professional ballroom dancer.

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