America's Best Dance Crew vs. So You Think You Can Dance: How the Streets Stole the Show

June 27, 2008 By:
America's Best Dance Crew vs. So You Think You Can Dance: How the Streets Stole the Show

After the rise of sensation that is American Idol, its popularity spawned numerous public vote driven competition shows. During the slowcome of summer, the producers of A.I. gave us a new version-- a competition dance series So You Think You Can Dance.

It was relatively unseen for dancers to have the spotlight on national television and it allowed them to get the recognition they deserve including the often overlooked street break dancers and the uniquely untrained styles. At the height of their popularity with fans and after their third season wrapped, another dance show quietly took the stage. Also from A.I., Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew slithered in and ended with a bang.

In just one short season, this show became a public fave and resulted in phenomenal winner crew Jabbawockeez. Some would say SYTYCD paved the way. Highly entertaining but still urban and street, it caters mostly to all the club kids and b-boy/ b-girls enthusiasts. Yes you read that right; here the girls can break it down just like one of the boys.

The judges panel is also wildly entertaining to watch, comprising of choreographer Shane Sparks, singer Lil' Mama, and former N' Syncer J.C. Chasez. Mario Lopez also hosts. Their banter between each other can sometimes be awkward and is funny to watch their reaction to each other's comments on the dance performances.

Put simply, they come from very different P.O.V.'s and that equals a winning sum. Essentially, America's Crew stole the show from right under So You Think You Can Dance's nose. But the real question is will they be able to do it again? Watch the new round of crews in the second season as they battle it out for the title of America's Best Dance Crew!