Weird Celebrity Endorsements

September 25, 2011 By:
Weird Celebrity Endorsements

Celebs and advertising. They just go together. Coconut water, pistachios, Air Jordans...they all get trendy for a reason—we see our favorite celebs drinking, eating or wearing them. Of course, sometimes we don’t really care, and walk right past those Sketcher’s Shape Ups. Sorry, Kardashians, that's never going to catch on.

Most of the time, celebrity endorsements make sense. The Situation and Vodka. George Clooney’s fancy coffee ads. Carrie Fisher and Jenny Craig.

But other times, celebrity endorsements just seem bizarre. Out of place. Mismatched. You get the idea. So here are five weird celebrity endorsements.

Ozzy Osbourne & butter: He can’t believe it’s not butter. Probably because all those years of heavy drug use ruined his sense of taste and smell. Back in 2006, the face of Heavy Metal appeared in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter TV commercials. They were pretty funny though.

Mikhail Gorbachev & pizza: Take that, Communism! Nothing says capitalism more than selling a greasy, disgusting pizza for under ten bucks. When the Soviet Union’s Communist Party dissolved, Mikhail Gorbachev’s first line of business was appearing in a Pizza Hut commercial. In Soviet Russia, pizza eats YOU! The former Soviet leader did the pizza commercial to earn money for his charity. He also said pizza was about bringing people together. And then forcing them to assemble a line where they can eat the exact same amount of pizza very efficiently.

Snoop Dogg & antivirus software: In an effort to smoke out online crimes, Snoop Dogg appeared in a bunch of Norton Anti-Virus ads. “A cyber crime happens every three seconds,” Snoop said. Better get some Nortizzle Anti-Vizzle, yo.

Mr. T & ovens: Mr. T put his name on the “Mr T Flavorware Oven”, a miracle food cooker that makes your favorite dishes up to three times faster. “With no added fat or your money back!" Mr. T promised. I pity the fool who would endorse such a lame product.

Jamie Lee Curtis & poop yogurt: When it was one or two commercials, Jamie Lee’s endoresement seemed normal. But Jamie Lee Curtis has now become Activia Yogurt’s spokesperson. In the commercials, she boasts about how it helps your digestive system and makes you more regular. Which is basically just a nice way of saying, “It makes you poop, guys!”