Snoop's U.K. Ban Still On

May 2, 2008 By:
Snoop's U.K. Ban Still On

Guess the Brits really don't want Snoop Dogg in their country! The British government is going to extremes to make sure Snoop doesn't enter their country.

Snoop was originally banned from the UK after a brawl at the airport back in 2006 and a judge almost threw the ban out last month insisting that Snoop was harmless.

Unfortunately for Snoop, Britain's Border Agency is now on his ass and they want to make sure he never sets foot in the UK again.

A spokesperson for the agency says, "We will continue to oppose entry to the U.K. of individuals where we believe there may be a risk to the public."

they seriously need to get over this issue, it’s been two years!! Do you think its fair to keep Snoop out of the UK?