Snoop Can Go Down Under

August 26, 2008 By:
Snoop Can Go Down Under

Looks like the Australians like Snoop Dogg just a smidgen more than the Brits. He was banned from entering the country last year for "character issues," but now it seems they've forgiven and forgotten.

Snoop was granted a Visa for his Fall tour with Ice Cube down under. But he's still going to be watched very carefully.

A senior immigration official tells Reuters his office planned to more closely examine Snoop's criminal history and lay out strict behavioral guidelines for the Australian dates.

He'd better watch it this time, because the authorities already don't like him for his incidents in the U.K. and Sweden. Plus the last time Snoop came to Australia he overstayed his welcome by two days.

Sounds like those immigration officials need to chill out a little and have a little round robin fest with Snoop, if you know what we mean…