Snoop Asks for Royal Help

April 17, 2008 By:
Snoop Asks for Royal Help

Snoop Dogg is so desperate to get his UK ban overturned that he's asking Prince William and Harry for their help.

He says, "I'm not an aggressive individual at all and I've been wrongfully accused. I've not done anything to the people of Britain.

"I've never got into trouble, never violated him, never disrespected them, and I've always shown them love and turned up. What did I do? Who did I offend? You should talk to the Princes - William and Harry - I bet they want me over there!"

If y'all remember, Snoop was banned from entering the UK after he was involved in a brawl at Heathrow Airport in April 2006. Naomi Campbell poses a bigger threat than Snoop Dogg. We say let him back in!