Will MTV Cancel 'Jersey Shore' After Snooki Pregnancy?

March 8, 2012 By:
Will MTV Cancel 'Jersey Shore' After Snooki Pregnancy?

Snooki’s drunken porch-peeing days are over. No, seriously:

“No more peeing on porches.” –Snooki

Snooki recently confirmed her pregnancy and engagement, and rumor has it MTV might pull the plug on ‘Jersey Shore.’ What?! Jersdays might go back to regular ol’ Thursdays? Say it ain’t so.

A spokesperson from MTV told Hollyscoop: “No decision has been made yet on a sixth season of ‘Jersey Shore’.”

Sources close to MTV tell Fox411 that the network doesn’t know how to proceed with the show in light of Snooki’s pregnancy. Insiders say that, without Snooki and her hard partying ways, the network is concerned about how the show would fare. Because let’s face it, we love watching their shenanigans, and Snooki is the ringleader.

Newsday television writer Verne Gay said: “You can’t be a drunk pregnant woman on a television show. It would be catastrophic on so many levels. They may find some way to go forward, but fans won’t like it.”

Snooki told Us Weekly that since finding out about her pregnancy in January, she’s taken a break from the partying.

“No more peeing on porches,” she told the mag.

She is, however, still scheduled to film her ‘Jersey Shore’ spinoff, with costar Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley. The show is currently filming in Jersey City and has no hair date or title yet, but other insiders say it will probably focus on Polizzi’s transition into motherhood.

Amid Snooki’s pregnancy controversy, her ‘Jersey Shore’ costar Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola defended her, telling E! News: “It’s not like she’s 16 and pregnant. She’s doing her thing, she’s living her life and I just think she’s blessed. I can’t wait to see the little guido or guidette running around.”