The Best of Twitter- Weekly Wrap Up

April 22, 2011 By:
The Best of Twitter- Weekly Wrap Up

Celebs seem to have taken a break from Tweeting this
week—maybe it was all the 4:20 hoopla.

Most of them were rather yawn-inducing
or seemed written by a Tweet Master. 

But Hollyscoop dug deep to find this
week's most interesting celebrity tweets!

@conanobrien: “Glee” is
making a special episode dedicated entirely to @LadyGaga. But in a way, isn’t every
episode of “Glee” dedicated to Lady Gaga?"

- Really? Is everyone on
Glee falling on their asses this week?

 "Hydration mask anyone?

- If
that's what's keeping you wrinkle free, yes please.

"As everyones planning their night at the club, I'm wondering when Golds
closes lol.

- Hate
to break it to you Snooks, but Gold's doesn’t serve alcohol.

"Just when I thought I couldn't be impressed by new accessories a friend
gave me a Jambox. Pretty impressive."

- And
what does that say about your relationship with your mother?

@ddlovato: "Anyway..
Feeling pretty adult-like :) this is cool..”

- Finally
got your period, huh?