Snooki Wants To Quit Reality TV

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Snooki Wants To Quit Reality TV
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Thank goodness. I mean, awww, we’re gonna miss you.

Snooki just told Entertainment Tonight that as soon as her son Lorenzo starts going to school, she will quit reality TV. By then she’ll probably be hosting “The X Factor” or competing on “Dancing With The Stars” anyways…so, it’s not like she’ll need a reality gig.

Snooki revealed in the interview that she’s happy doing normal boring “mom” things, “we’re so cool with showing the world Lorenzo

right now but we definitely want Lorenzo to grow up normal like how I grew up – going to school, dealing with friendship and girlfriends, and doing sports.”

Isn’t it amazing how Snooki went from “wahhh jager bombs” to “wahhh mom jeans?"

“I don’t want him to have that on-TV life. I want him to have a normal childhood…probably once he starts going to school I don’t want to do reality TV anymore,” says the new mom.

I just did the math on how old Lorenzo is and when the average kid starts kindergarten and dammit, we still have another 5 years with Snooki. I’m just really getting sick of Seaside Heights, you know?

Snooki said that she and fiancé Gianni are looking to buy some land, build a house, and once they are settled in, then they will get hitched. They should film the wedding for a reality TV special, now THAT is something I would watch. Mostly, I want to know what kind of fist pumping is appropriate for a bridal shower. I’m asking for a friend. 

Snooks also revealed that she wants three more kids.