Snooki Wants Jessica Simpson's Job!

March 2, 2011 By:
Snooki Wants Jessica Simpson's Job!

Jersey Shore’s Snooki is featured on the cover of this month’s Rolling
Stone, which, I think used to be a music magazine or something.

Snooki addresses her post-Jersey Shore plans, admitting that the fame can
only last so long.

“When Jersey Shore ends I'm going to do more spinoffs," she says. "If MTV
doesn't want them, another network will be, like, What does Snooki do now?'
or 'Snooki's getting married!' What I'd like is to turn out like Jessica
Simpson, with her whole brand.“

What’s Snooki going to brand herself on, pickles and oversized slippers? I
can’t imagine the people who would wear any kind of clothing designed by
Snooki. And if you’re offended by that, you probably shouldn’t even be
reading this. You should be fist pumping with one hand and pulling your
Spandex shorts out of your butt with the other.

Even Snooki is tired of seeing herself party. “I look like a freakin'
alcoholic. I'm like, 'You're sweating, your makeup is running, you look
gross.' I just look like sh*t."

But she says aside from drinking, there’s not much the cast can do, because
they aren’t allowed to have cell phones, TV, radio, or the Internet. And
lord knows they can’t read, so books aren’t a viable option, either.

“There's no normalcy. It's just like prison, with cameras,” says Snooks.

Just like a prison. A prison with cameras and waaay too many conjugal