Snooki Shows Off Post-Baby Body In Tiny Dress

September 25, 2012 By:
Snooki Shows Off Post-Baby Body In Tiny Dress

Snooki got her swag back! And by swag, I mean, a teeny tiny dress that most likely was meant to be worn as sock, but somehow Snooki snuggled into it and wrapped an oversized belt around her waist. HAAAYY.

On Sunday night, Snooki went out for girls night with her 3 (non famous) “besties.” Where was JWoww?

Judging from this “girls night out” pic, it seems like Snooki is back to her pre-baby weight! It’s only been one-month since she popped out the little guido. We hear Jessica Simpson is jealous.

Earlier this week Snooki Tweeted this:

Snooki can’t wait to loose the weight, but to us, she already looks slimmer. Despite many doctors claims that the Zantrex diet pills that Snooki promotes don't actually work, they seem to be working for Snooks.

Not only can Snooks can’t wait to fit into her Guido-chic wear again, she tweeted that she finally fits into her towering stilettos.

“I fit in my heels again! Woohoo,” she wrote on twitter earlier this month, “Slowly getting my swag back, post pregnancy.”

The majority of Snooki’s tweets are photos of her son Lorenzo, basically, him sleeping or sucking on a bottle. I’m sure when we met Snooki on the Jersey shore we NEVER thought she’d be THAT mom. Heck, we didn’t think she’d be a mom at all.