Snooki’s Son Beats Her Up in New Video

July 22, 2013 By:
Snooki’s Son Beats Her Up in New Video

Hate her or love her, but Snooki’s son Lorenzo is like, super cute.

Snooki posted this video on Instagram yesterday of her son just casually slapping mama Snooki in the head and Snooki is taking it.

It’s cute, sure, and we don’t know anything about child-rearing, but let’s just hope baby Lorenzo doesn’t turn into a fist-fighting Jersey-shore guido like his honorary “Uncles” Pauly D, The Situation, or Ronnie.

Snooki captioned the video, “My son likes to beat me up.”

In related news, some people who live in Seaside Park are petitioning to keep Snooki OUT of the Jersey Shore.

Snooki responded on her Instagram with a hate-filled tirade against the haters that are tryna keep her down!