Snooki Rubs Cat Litter On Her Face And Other Weird Celeb Beauty Tips

November 17, 2011 By:
Snooki Rubs Cat Litter On Her Face And Other Weird Celeb Beauty Tips

Snooki likes getting sh-t faced, and now, it's literal.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi appeared on Conan Wednesday night to talk about tattoos, life on the Jersey Shore, and…rubbing cat litter on her face.

Snooki shared the unusual beauty tip, saying, “Some exfoliates have rocks in them and it makes your skin really smooth, and cat litter is a good substitute."

But…it's also what cats put their poop in, though, Snooki. Someone needs to tell Snooki that cats poop in that stuff.

"I haven’t broke out at all yet!" Snooki says, regarding her pimples. Uh, probably because the zits are afraid of going anywhere near cat poop. There's cat poop in there.

Snooki says she only uses clean kitty litter, so not to worry. It's totally normal. Snooki is going to get a bad rap for this, because, well, she's Snooki. But she's certainly not the only celeb with a weird beauty routine. I had no idea celebs went to these lengths to stay pretty…


Debra Messing: Snake Venom: Yes, the ginger-haired beauty uses snake spit to keep her skin firm. But look at her, she looks great. I'm going to go find a snake to spit on me. *Note: Do not actually let snakes spit on you. They will make you die! Debra uses Kate Somerville Eye Cream that contains a very specific amount of very specific snake venom.


Sandra Bullock: Butt Cream: Sandra claims she used hemorrhoid cream for her wrinkles in Miss Congeniality 2. Hemorrhoid cream is supposed to help reduce puffiness and wrinkles around the eye. It also helps with the puffiness and wrinkles around the butt.


Halle Berry: Coffee: They say coffee ages you, but apparently, it helps reduce cellulite, too. Berry allegedly puts coffee grinds in her body wash to keep her rear looking great. Have you seen her butt? You have to fire it, because it refuses to quit. I'm gonna go put my ass in someone's coffee.


Eva Longoria: Placenta Okay, not full-blown pregnant lady placenta. But rumor has it, Eva uses an expensive facial cream that contains a placenta protein. I think I'd actually rather put cat litter on my face.


Demi Moore: Leeches: The actress admitted to using "highly trained leeches" in her beauty routine. She went to Australia to do this.

“These aren’t just swamp leeches, these are highly trained medical leeches,” Moore said. “These are not just some low level scavengers; we’re talking high level blood suckers.” Moore said they tested a leech on her belly button and then put several others all over her body.


Victoria Beckham: Bird poop: I never thought I'd live to see the day that Victoria Beckham made Snooki seem normal. But Beckham is said to include nightingale poop in her nightly beauty routine.