Snooki Responds to Guido Proposal

August 31, 2010 By:
Snooki Responds to Guido Proposal

So is Snooki getting hitched or what?! Her greasy boyfriend of two weeks Jeff Miranda embarrassed himself by posing on the cover of Steppin’ Outdown on one knee. And ever since, we’re wondering if even Snookers could fall for something so ridiculous.

“I love her and want to be with her,” Miranda told the mag.

“I want us to be together forever. I could see us having children. I want to pop the question to her. If we got married we would be the best parents around.

"She’s so loving and puts everyone else before herself. She’ll be a great mother….Once she deals with the shock I think they’ll say yes. I really do. In fact, I know she’ll say yes.”

Unfortunately for Jeff, her answer is no! Her publicist (yes, she has one) has shot down the marriage rumors. “Rumors of Nicole’s romantic status have been greatly exaggerated. She is single with no immediate plans to change that,” the publicist said in a statement.

Snooks also took to her Twitter, writing, "Just want to set the record straight. I'm single and I'm not going to get married!"

Probably the smartest thing she’s ever done!