Snooki Ready for Three More Kids

November 6, 2012 By:
Snooki Ready for Three More Kids

The hot mama is primed to pop three more out. Now that that image has set in, let’s continue…

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the “Jersey Shore” barrel of laughs-turned-supermom, has admitted that she’d like to turn her family of three into a family of six. In an interview, the new mom divulged that she was prepared to have three more babies. 

The confession took this place during an on camera one-on-one with MTV News, where she unveiled her strategy to breed like rabbits with her fiancé Jionni LaValle.

"Four babies, yes, because the delivery was really not that bad, even though I was in labor for 27 hours. I didn't feel anything because I had the epidural, and him obviously coming out, that hurt," Snooki said. "But I could do it again."

Just think of her like 24-year-old Russian doll…You can keep opening her up and a new mini Snooki pops out. 

The reality star’s lifestyle has done a complete 180 since the arrival of little Lorenzo this summer. The two month old has seemed to have replaced JWoww as the guidette babe’s new number two.

"He's like my new best friend, we cuddle all the time. He's like my new sleeping buddy," she said. "And he's just always wants to be held. He craves attention. He's like me."

Now that she’s settled in to being a mom, Snooks remembers how panicky she was in the months before Lorenzo’s birth. 

"I was shaking because when I get really nervous or scared my teeth start chattering like I'm freezing and I did that the whole time," Snooki said. "I had to play Christmas music to calm me down. "

The stress behind her, three more seems like a piece of cake. So, world…get ready for a Snooki army.