Snooki is Over "Regular" People

July 28, 2010 By:
Snooki is Over

Now that Snooki is a household name, thanks to Jersey Shore, she's totally over "regular people," and would rather hang out with celebrities because they understand her.

Snooki and the rest of the JS cast talked to Rolling Stone magazine this month about their newfound fame, fist pumping and how their lives have changed. Here are some highlights from too cool for regular people Snooki:

On her newfound fame:

“At first I was like, ‘Is this what my life is going to be like now – hanging out with celebrities?’ But now I’d rather party with them than normal people. Not normal, but you know what I mean. When you’re with people that are going through what you’re going through, then it’s fun, because they’re not freaking out.”

On finding love soon:

"I have a timeline, and it's pretty shitty, but I have a timeline where at 25, I want to get engaged. I want to get married at 26, and have two kids before I'm 29 so that I'm a MILF when they're 18. I want one boy, Frankie, and one girl, either Giovanna or Isabella. I'm going to be the strictest parent ever, or I'm going to try. Because I know what I did growing up, and I do not want my kids doing that."

On her celebrity crush:

"I don't think any celebrity's a guido, but I think the one that could definitely change into a guido is Vin Diesel. He has the muscles, guaranteed he can fist-pump, he has the style, so all he needs to do is go tanning and have that New York accent and he's good. You could just call him Diesel, hellooo."

On confidence:

"Growing up, I was very shy, and I think I got over that when I got to high school, because I had to deal with a lot of catty girls trying to be mean to me and my friends. I was like, "I can't be shy anymore, I have to stick up for myself and stick up for my friends."

Some studies suggest that the tanning is unhealthy. Are you worried about that at all?

"No, because the last time I went tanning was on the show, and I'm still dark as hell. I usually spray tan."

You obviously have a dark complexion — you're never going to be pale.

"I'd kill myself."