Snooki: Media Loves Me, Not My Co-Stars

July 20, 2010 By:
Snooki: Media Loves Me, Not My Co-Stars

Snooki is on the cover of Steppin’ Out magazine being the little pint-sized b*tch we’ve all come to love.

Earlier this week, she and her castmates made headlines for demanding more money to be on Jersey Shore. But all that changed (at least for Snooks) today when it was announced she’d made a deal with MTV, and would be making "substantially more money than before."

But she’s still talking trash, even on her house mates. Referring to her and Mike "The Situation" making more money than the rest, she tells the mag: "I know the others want the same opportunities that Mike and I get, but we don’t control those things. The media isn't asking for the others so they can't really be mad at me."

But Snooks doesn’t hate on everyone in the house—she says, "Myself, Pauly, Vinny and Jenny [J-Woww], we've all stayed the same. We're the closet friends in the house. I trust them with my life...It hasn't gotten to our heads."

"I can understand why the others might be jealous. They aren't doing anything, but they should still be happy for me,” Snooki tells the mag.

Though Snooki seems like she’s on the fast track to become as big a famewhore as Spencer Pratt, she insists she misses the pre-Shore days. "I miss my old life," she explains.

"I miss being able to be around my family and at home. I miss going out with my friends and going out to a bar. I can't do that anymore. When I try to do that, I get attacked by the fans."

As for Snooki’s love life? She’s still on the prowl, and admits she’s going to be pretty picky from now on. "I won't open up to anyone," she says, "except my best friend who I've known since I was 2 years old and my family and management team. That's it."

This girl is nuts! She’s famous for being a guidette, and has the nerve to complain about it! Enjoy it now, Snooks, because your time is shortly going to come to an end.