Snooki Makes Appearance on CW's ‘Supernatural,' Internet at War

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Snooki Makes Appearance on CW's ‘Supernatural,' Internet at War
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So, last night Snooki was on the CW show “Supernatural.”

She played herself, but as a demon.

The CW/Tumblr

It truly left us with more questions than answers.


First of all, why?

The CW

“Supernatural” is a drama about monsters and other supernatural stuff, it isn’t the type of show to feature self-aware celebrity cameos.


But they DO like to break the fourth wall…

Snooki was FIRST mentioned on the show back in season six.

The CW/Tumblr


…and then last night they answered it…

The CW/Tumblr


Fans of “Supernatural” were like...



And they have been tweeting things at her like:


          Snooki was actually terrible on supernatural tho


The show is actually LOSING viewers over her cameo.



But then Snooki fans were like:



And tweeted at her:



Anyways, Snooki was quick to fill her Instagram feed with nonsense about her wedding immediately after the “Supernatural” backlash hit the web, so whatever.