Snooki Has Meltdown Talking About Anorexia

October 8, 2013 By:
Snooki Has Meltdown Talking About Anorexia
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Snooki faced her most emotional challenge yet: her past. She let viewers further into her dark battle with body image on last night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars.”

The reality TV star revisited her battle with anorexia while rehearsing a cheerleading dance routine on the competitive dance show.

“I had an eating disorder and it got really, really bad,” Snooki confessed of the struggle that started as a teenager while she was on Marlboro High School’s cheerleading team.

“There were these little girls coming up, like freshmen, who were literally, like, 70 pounds,” she said of her fear that she’d lose her position on the team as a flier. “So I ended up starving myself.”

It was a problem that got progressively worse as the season went on.

“I started eating one salad a day, and then it became, like one cracker a day,” Snooki remembered, “and then it became just one grape a day. And then…just not eating at all for three days. It was a really, really bad time for me.”

The painful memories pushed her through her performance, fueling the fire to do her best for the jive portion of the competition.

She walked away with eight points out of ten from each judge, giving her a grand total of 24 points.