Snooki Got an Ugly Tattoo

September 12, 2011 By:
Snooki Got an Ugly Tattoo

This is why we love Snooki. She takes things that most of us would be mortified over and interprets them as the coolest thing in the world.

Snooki inked up her arm in Las Vegas over the weekend, and then took to Twitter to show off the artwork.

Snooks posted a photo of her tattoo—which is a gaudy gold crown sitting on top of a big pink bow. Under the photo, she added the added the caption: “MY NEW TAT

And in case you’re wondering why she wrote that in all caps, it’s because Snooki is trying to yell over the tattoo, which is screaming “ugly!”

It’s not Snooki’s first tattoo. Wanna guess what the other one is? Nope, it’s not a giant pickle on her leg. Close, though. She also reportedly has the phrase, “La Familia” written on her back.

But the reality star says this crown ribbon tattoo is “by far [her] favorite.”

I actually feel kind of bad for saying this tattoo is ugly. Because the tattoo artist is probably really talented and has done some cool designs in the past. Then, one day, Snooki comes in, and the artist is all excited that his work is finally going to get some exposure. And then Snooki says in a drunken slur:

SNOOKI: Yo I wanna bow! And also one of those hat thingees a king guy wears.

ARTIST: You mean a crown?

SNOOKI: YES! But make it having sex with the bow.

ARTIST: I hate my life.

JWoww also got a tattoo earlier this summer. While in Italy, Jenni Farley hit up a tattoo parlor to get a tribute to her late grandmother on her right shoulder. The design is a large cross with praying hands and a ribbon intertwined in both. The ribbon reads: OMA and RIP.

Jersey Shore cast member Pauly D is adorned in tattoos. He showed them off to Ellen DeGeneres, who asked how many he had.

“I wanna say like, seven.”

Then, taking off his shirt, he showed her one tat he has of the Italian flag:

“It’s like my skin ripping through and underneath is the Italian flag, ‘cause I’m an Italian man.”

“And then my favorite automobile is a Cadillac,” Pauly explains, lifting up his arm to reveal the word “Cadillac” on his torso.

He’s a very literal man.

Pauly also has a tribute tattoo for a friend that passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Unlike his colleagues, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has zero tattoos. In his book”

Here’s the Situation, he explains why:

“Personally, I've never gotten ink because I work so hard on my physique it seems a crime against nature."

Yep, he actually said that.