Snooki Gets $32,000 From Rutgers University; Pisses Off Students

April 1, 2011 By:
Snooki Gets $32,000 From Rutgers University; Pisses Off Students

Rutgers University’s Programming Association paid $32,000 in student fees to
book one of the most prolific icons of our time: Snooki. Now the ungrateful
Rutgers student body is speaking out against this well thought-out decision.

Students have been tweeting over the ridiculousness of paying $2,000 more
for Snooki than they did for Nobel-prize winning author Toni Morrison. Uh,
hello, Rutgers—heard of a little piece of literature titled, Snooki: A
Shore Thing
? We have a future poet-laureate on our hands, kids.

“My tuition dollars wasted on Snooki,” one student Tweeted. “Rutgers
probably could have paid her with a case of beer.”

That’s just insulting. Snooki requests payment of at least one keg.
Boxed wine donations are also welcome.

Unviersity rep E.J. Mirandi explained that it was actually some of the other
students’ decision to bring Snooki to the campus.

“The student programming board gets feedback from the students about which
kinds of people they would like to have come and speak at the university for
entertainment purposes,” Miranda said. “The decision is made by the

At least some of the student body can recognize a literary genius
when they see one.

Miranda continued, “Rutgers has educational programs and entertainment
programs. This was the students’ choice of who they wanted to entertain

Snooki was interviewed at Rutgers on March 31st and Miranda said the
appearance was sold out.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but the students had to pay on top of the
$32k? Good. Snooki deserves it. She is the voice of our generation:

“Study hard, but party harder,” Snooki told students.

Ah, so profound.