Snooki: How 'Enzo Changed My Life

March 4, 2013 By:
Snooki: How 'Enzo Changed My Life
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Our favorite stumbling guidette is all grown up.

In a recent interview, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed the secret to her new mature-living streak. No surprise, it’s her new, half-year-old son, Lorenzo.

“It’s pretty great,” Snooki told of motherhood. “Before I had the baby, I was very selfish, and all I wanted to do was go to Vegas with my boyfriend and party. Once you have a kid, everything changes. ... It changes how you look at the world.”

A pro at letting cameras pry into her personal life, Snooks described the “Snooki & JWoww” cameras in her delivery room as “very easy.”

“Obviously, I was a little uncomfortable at the end with the whole delivery process,” she said. “but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was [going to be]. I was in labor for 27 hours, but I did get the epidural, so I didn’t feel anything.”

Oh, also—as she admitted during an appearance on “Kelly & Michael”—there was that whole vagina-tearing incident that went down… Ouch.

Snooki was so good at it, though, that she offered up some advice to Kim Kardashian, whose pregnancy we’ll probably have to endure at one point or another on screen.

“Just take it easy,” she advised Kim to Hollyscoop. “I mean, it's definitely hard and stressful and I definitely recommend you know, once you're ready, at least go out once a month with your girlfriends just to get away. Jionni does it.

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