Snooki Done With Juiceheads, Ready for Usher

September 14, 2010 By:
Snooki Done With Juiceheads, Ready for Usher

Snooki is sick and tired of being “unfairly” judged by the public. She and her Jersey Shore cast mates appeared on Ellen yesterday to discuss the constant scrutiny they undergo since becoming famous.

"I think no one knows how we really are," Snooki said. "We have, like, different sides. Obviously you see us on the show we party, we do this, and we do that. But outside of the show, we're very quiet."

She also poignantly added, "I'll go to frickin' Barnes & Nobles, get a coffee and just sit down and read. No one would ever think that. We have different sides to us and people don't see that."

In addition, Snooks is reportedly done dating “juiceheads” as she refers to them. "I think I want to move forward. I want to move to Brooklyn and find a business Italian guy to take care of me,” she explained.

What’s sad is that we don’t see how that differs from the guys she’s already dated, aside from the fact that perhaps she means she wants to date a mobster.

But then Snooki threw everyone for a loop when announcing her next conquest: “I’m thinking Usher,” she said.

Good luck with that Snooki.