Snooki Calls Herself 'A Whale' – Baby Shower This Sunday

August 10, 2012 By:

Snooki’s baby should have been due like yesterday, but strangely enough she’s not due until next month and the result is, she looks like a whale!

Hey, her words, not ours.

Snooks also tweeted a photo of her growing belly just days before her reported baby shower is supposed to happen.


A source told the Daily News that Snooks is having her baby shower this Sunday at the fancy pants Falkirk estate and Country Club in Central Valley, N.Y. A very bougie and nice area in upstate New York, I’m sure Snooki and friends will fit in nicely.

The baby shower will be attended by females only, as is tradition, meaning none of the “Jersey Shore” dudes will be invited.

However, Pauly D is reportedly invited into the delivery room. Does Snooki want a constant supply of techno music blasting, because I can’t imagine how else Pauly D will be helpful in the delivery room?

“I’m gonna be there when the baby’s born,” Pauly D revealed on ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ “She wants me in the room.”

Apparently, the whole gang thinks of Snooki’s baby as if it’s the collective Shore house baby.

“I feel like we’re all having this baby, because it’s the first ‘Jersey Shore’ baby. And we never thought in a million years Snooki would be a mother, so we’re all gonna help her.”

Do you think they are going to turn the smush room into the nursery?