Snooki Banned From New Jersey Wine Shop

February 23, 2012 By:
Snooki Banned From New Jersey Wine Shop

Jersey Wines and Spirits doesn’t care about the buku money they would make with Snooki and JWoww as costumers, because they’ve banned both from their establishment.

The two are set to start shooting their ‘Jersey Shore’ spinoff reality show in Jersey City soon, and they’ve already moved into their new place, which happens to be next door to the wine shop. But Jersey Wines and Spirits have put a sign on their door that simply states:

‘No Snooki’

This couldn’t be any funnier unless there was a picture of a hair poof with an X over it.

TMZ talked to the General Manager of the shop, who told them: “Even if JWoww shows up at our front door she will not be let in.”

He added: “The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement.”

I mean, I get what he’s saying, but homeboy sells booze for a living. And booze’s side effects include both ridicule and amusement.

“There is no upside business wise.”

No upside business wise? He has not seen a single episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’

“And the potential downside is God knows what.”

This guy has obviously talked to his manager and publicist and they’re telling him that reality TV probably isn’t the best career move if he really wants to make it as a booze cashier.

“Why feed the embarrassment?” he continued.

Meanwhile, Paula D’s spinoff, ‘The Pauly D Project’ is set to premiere on March 29.

"It'll be probably along the lines of, I used to be this DJ in Rhode Island, DJing two sets a week, hustling, promoting," Pauly explained to MTV News back in January 2011. "And all of a sudden, I'm on this show, and now they're sending private jets for me to DJ for these huge crowds, yet I'm still the same guy that was DJing for 200 people, just loving life."