Snooki Back On The Shore

June 4, 2012 By:
Snooki Back On The Shore

Five days into filming the 6th and final season of The Jersey Shore, the first pictures have surfaced of the reunited crew and a very rotund Snooki, still in very high heels.

She has been photographed on multiple occasions wandering the boardwalk boardwalk with fiancé Jionni LaValle.
The two of them seem to bucking the Shore norms of alcohol-induced debauchery as they engage in scandalous behavior like souvenir shopping.

Then the seemingly content couple ditched the rest of their cast mates for a date night that included spending time at an arcade, playing first person shooters, and looking cute.

But Snooki, not entirely ready to de-Snookify herself is still committed to seriously elevated footwear. She was seen nearly taking a tumble in a driveway, teetering on some platforms that nearly defy explanation. Thankfully she quickly recovered her balance.

Let’s hope that at some point during this trimester she opts for flats… or at least keeps her fiancé within arms reach so that he might catch her. He seems an accessory perfectly suited for the swollen but still pint-sized guidette. And the pics of the two hand-in-hand make us considerably less nervous.

While Snooki has said she would be living in a resident separate from her cast mates -- in order to avoid not necessarily them, but alcohol and the hot tub -- we have yet to discover her actual place of residence.

The show is scheduled to air later this year, but if you cant wait that long, tune-in to the first (hopefully not of many) spin-off "Snooki & JWOWW," which premieres Thursday, June 21, on MTV.

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