Snooki and Boyfriend Break Up in Italy

June 8, 2011 By:
Snooki and Boyfriend Break Up in Italy

Little Snooks just can’t catch a break!

Snooki and her latest boyfriend, whom she’s been dating for 8 months have called it quits.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle broke up and it was probably taped on camera because it happened in Florence. Hey just because the girl gets her heart broken doesn’t mean it needs to be censored. That’s good television!

A source told Life and Style, “Snooki and her boyfriend have split up. He went to visit her in Italy this past week. They fought a lot while he was there and have called it quits.”

What was the cause of the breakup? Trust issues!

Isn’t that always the case with the Jersey Shore kids?

Another source said the distance didn’t help their relationship.

“When he got back from Italy, he called a mutual friend and said that they had broken up. I think he was just really sad about being away from her so much. I’m not sure who broke up with whom, it seems to be mutual because of the distance and the time apart.”

Screw the men from back home Snooks. Find yourself an Italian from Florence!