Sneak Peak: Snooki Announces Engagement To Castmates

July 11, 2012 By:
Sneak Peak: Snooki Announces Engagement To Castmates

We all know this like 45 times over, right? Therein lies the problem of breaking stories months before reality television gets around to airing them.

Regardless, if you want to see how the “Jersey Shore” castmates took her big announcement, this week's episode of “Snooki and JWoww” is for you.

In the sneak peak of the episode, Snooki's friends and castmates are at the dinner table and make light of her decision.

Snide sound bites fly as they all try to explain to Snooki what exactly an “engagement” means, in case she didn’t know (which hey, to be fair, maybe she didn’t?).

Ronnie offers up, “You know that’s one person for the rest of you life, right?”

Vinny brings it home with, “That’s one penis for the rest of your life.”

It’s ok though, Snooki says she loves Jionni’s main member.

Then in Vinny’s camera confessional he offers up further disgust, “Engaged means the rest of your life type of shit. You’re going to do that to f**king someone you one night stood? That’s crazy.”

Actually Vin, the whole continued dating plus a diamond ring pulls the whole thing squarely out of one-night-stand territory.

Anyway, Snooki remains unamused by their attitude towards her pending attempt at happily ever after.

Vinny closes the clip out with a low blow about a pending divorce…

Which ok, we’re all thinking, but we – being, not her friends -- are afforded the luxury of judging from afar.

These people are supposed to be supportive, right? Or do they only have each other’s back in bar fights?

Tune in Thursday at 10 PM EST on MTV to see how it all plays out.