See Teenage Snooki Before She Was Famous

February 1, 2013 By:
See Teenage Snooki Before She Was Famous
Image By: Celebuzz

This is one pre-teen that didn’t make it to the cool kid’s table.

Before the days of being a made-up, spray tanned and high-heeled guidette, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was just your average kid trying to navigate the halls of middle school.

A photo has arrived thanks to the powers of the Internet that features the 12-year-old future partygoer fitted with braces and nylon stockings.

Snooks—still named “Nicole” in this phase of her life—stands in a white and navy knee-length dress. She sports some classic ‘90s bangs, an awkward smile, and a pigeon-toed stance…

The “Jersey Shore” cast would probably have a field day making fun of the four-foot diva if they ever caught sight of this little gem, which—by now—they probably already have…

The embarrassing moment arrives via a post on Snooki’s Celebuzz account…

She wrote on the Throwback Thursday post:

“Hello awkward Middle School years! I swear, at the time I thought I was SO HOT, especially in this outfit. This was before a school dance, rocking some cute platform heels, a cute dress, a half up half down hair do, and my sexy braces. Work it teenage Nicole!”

In what was probably an attempt to remind followers that she no longer looks like that, on Friday, Snooki shared a photo of herself in a checkered bottom-down, hipster “Snerdz” specs, and shiny leggings.

Yeah, we know Snooks. You’re a babe. Relax...