Ronnie: Snooki Has Her Act Together Now

March 15, 2012 By:
Ronnie: Snooki Has Her Act Together Now

When someone on the Jersey Shore tells another member of The Jersey Shore that they have their act together, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

What constitutes “having ones act together” on the Jersey Shore? Tequila is chased with a lime and not a beer? Tables are for sitting next to and not for dancing on? Bars are for serving drinks and not for getting in fights at?

Anyways, Ronnie Magro from The Jersey Shore says Snooki is a changed woman now that she’s pregnant.

“It’s a different Snooki,” says Ronnie, “She’s doing really good. She’s not drinking. She’s got her act together and I’m really happy for her.”

That’s great to hear, because I was worried that Snooki would interpret her pregnancy as an excuse to “drink for two,” if you know what I mean?

“Overnight, she’s like this wild, crazy Snooki and now she’s pregnant and engaged and growing up,” adds Ronnie.

When MTV listens to this all they hear is “boring.” No-one will want to watch mature Snooki at the Jersey Shore.

Ronnie says he’s seen Snooki since the pregnancy announcement and says, “She said she’s feeling good. Not too much morning sickness…She’s actually eating healthy.”

“The fact that she likes to have a good time has nothing to do with what kind of parent she’s going to be,” says Ronnie, “It’s her life and whatever’s going to make her happy at the end of the day, she has to realize that that’s what she has to do.”