Pregnant Snooki Back to Boozing?

July 3, 2012 By:
Pregnant Snooki Back to Boozing?

Snooki is putting her baby stroller to good use. And by "good use" we mean carting around a 30-rack of Coors Light.

The “Jersey Shore” mom-to-be was snapped wheeling her new stroller around Seaside Heights but in place of a baby was a case of beer!

Later on she was spotted at the beach sipping from a red solo cup, and – if you’re familiar with Toby Keith’s song – then you know what goes in there.

Snooks has been seen drinking from a concealing cup before. Still, she has denied drinking alcohol of any kind during her pregnancy.

During a radio interview with Elvis Duran of Z100, Snooki claimed it was easy to cut out drinking. In fact, the slushy Snooks we fell in love with on “Jersey Shore” only happened during filming.

“I only drink when I’m on ‘Jersey Shore’ ‘cause it’s like vacation,” she said. “So that’s not like a big issue for me.”

We’re all for innocent until proven guilty, and by all means a cup is just a cup… But, there’s no denying now that she’s back in her element at the “Shore” for Season 6, the temptation to booze it up is surely seeping in.

Despite the boozing allegations, Snooki is looking better than ever in the photos. Less orange now, she wore a blazing blue summer dress on the beach, a leather jacket, and a purple bow on her head the size of a small country. She beamed a big smile.

Hot Snooki? Hell yes. Mature Snooki? Maybe not?

But gossip’s gossip and Snooki doesn’t let it get her down. Responding to skeptics’s claims that she’s not fit to be a mother, she responded simply “go away.”

“I don’t live my life to please everyone. I just please myself,” she said on Z100. “Some people obviously, you know, they don’t like me and that’s their problem.”