Nude Photos of Snooki to be Released

February 2, 2010 By:
Nude Photos of Snooki to be Released

Snooki has never been the shy type so we're not sure she's gonna care about the fact that there are reportedly nude photos of her being shopped around. We've practically seen her naked on the show anyway!

According to Radar, there are pics and a video of the Jersey Shore shorty currently being shopped around.

The self snapped photos are apparently completely nude and leave nothing to the imagination.

This isn't the first cast-member of 'Jersey Shore' that has nude photos. Just last week, there were photos of Jwoww being shopped around. Considering the fact that Jwoww was offered to pose nude in Playboy and she is considering it probably means she doesn't care about the photos.

We're wondering if we're gonna see any naughtiness from Angelina, 'the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island' on the second season. She seemed like she might be a riot!

Hugh Hefner should offer all the girls of 'Jersey Shore' a cover shot on his magazine.