'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki: I'm Not Pregnant & I Hate You

February 1, 2012 By:
'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki: I'm Not Pregnant & I Hate You

The world will have to wait for a Snooki, Jr.

Despite reports and outrage that surfaced this morning over Jersey Shore’s Snooki being pregnant, the reality star has denied the rumor. And more importantly, she’s worried that people think she’s fat.

“Does that mean they’re calling me fat?” Snooki asked on the Opie & Anthony show this morning. “I just lost weight.”

RadarOnline originally reported the story, quoting a source as saying:

“She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family. They are having to redo the creative direction of her (Jersey Shore) spin-off because of her pregnancy.”

Snooki responded to that story by saying, “I hate you” to the mag for calling her fat.

“That means that I have a belly then,” she said. “The media says what it wants to grab headlines and make money.”

Hey, it might not be as hard of work as getting paid to drink and have sex and fall down a lot, but it’s still work.

“I don’t give a sh-t,” Snooki said about what the public has to say about her. “I never said once I was pregnant.”

When asked indefinitely if she was denying the pregnancy rumor, Snooki made sure to say no, she is not pregnant.

“Why are people calling me fat?” She continued to question. “That’s so rude!”

So no meatball for Snooki right now. Though the reality star isn’t ruling out a family in the future, in case you’re interested:

“In the future, I want to get married.”