Jersey Shore Cast: Snooki Aint No Lindsay!

September 13, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Cast: Snooki Aint No Lindsay!

Snooki may have been compared to Lindsay Lohan by a New Jersey judge last week in court, but according to her cast mates on Jersey Shore, she’s nothing like the troubled actress!

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY with the whole cast on the VMA white carpet, and they all agreed to disagree with the judge’s comparison. Pauly D told us, “I don’t agree with it.” He added, “I am just glad she’s out of that drama.”

Any viewer of Jersey Shore knows Snooki is the closest to JWOWW. She told us she was downright offended by the judge’s remarks. “That broke my heart because Nicole’s my best friend and that day she was just trying to have a good time,” JWOWW told Hollyscoop of Snooki’s arrest.

“And,” she added, “Because she’s a celebrity she’s being looked at differently, and because there was a huge crowd it was taken out of context.”

Even Jersey Shore’s newest cast member Deena Nicole piped up about her girl Snooks being likened to Lilo. The 23-year old has been friends with Snooki for years, and doesn’t agree with the arrest or the comparison. “She got compared to Lindsay Lohan and I don’t really know Lindsay Lohan,” Deena told Hollyscoop.

“Nicole didn’t do anything wrong. She got a little drunk she was being herself. It really had nothing to do with her being a nuisance. She was just being herself.”

Deena also offered up wise words for Lohan. “Get yourself together sister, you’re beautiful…work it,” she said.