From Kourtney K to Joel McHale: Celebs Congratulate Snooki On Pregnancy

March 9, 2012 By:
From Kourtney K to Joel McHale: Celebs Congratulate Snooki On Pregnancy

Everyone seems to have something to say about Snooki’s pregnancy/engagement, probably because it was the last thing we expected from the fist-pumping, booze-guzzling, party-loving reality star.

But alas, our Snooki is now husbanded-up, and she has a meatball in the oven to boot. Hollyscoop talked to celebs to see what they thought about the ‘Jersey Shore’ star’s pregnancy. So without further adieu, here’s what the stars have to say about Snooki’s baby bump.

Kourtney Kardashian, who’s also pregnant, had some good advice to give Snooki. “Just follow your instincts, and you know, I think that's the best advice for any mom,” Kourtney told Hollyscoop.

‘American Idol’ star Pia Toscano had this to say: “Well congratulations Snooki… I know you're going to be a cute little pregnant woman.”

And I bet the baby will come out with a hair pouf, too.

‘Community’ star Yvette Nicole Brown was very excited about the news: “Ohhhh my!” Brown exclaimed. “God bless Snooki and the baby, and everybody that’s going to be around Snooki and the baby. God Bless! Everybody! One and all!”

Brown’s costar, Joel McHale, told Hollyscoop: “She will be the first person to give birth to someone the same size as she is. It will be like a division, instead of a birth.”

Fashionista/reality star Jeannie Mai agreed. “I got to see how miniature this baby could possibly come out,” Jeannie told us. “She's always such a tiny little package just to see this little baby be even more tiny and if he or she grows to be taller than her by its adolescent years that would be a trip right?"

TV presenter Cat Deeley said Snooki will have to make a change. “You can't go out and have a good time now can you? Till labor. Sorry Snooki, you're out.”