Even Snooki Can't Stand Herself Anymore

January 12, 2011 By:
Even Snooki Can't Stand Herself Anymore

We’re all pretty over Snooki at this point. And she just might be getting sick of herself as well!

She told the AP (which loses credibility for even talking to her), "I miss my real name. I miss people calling me Nicole.”

The only people who actually call her Nicole are her equally-as-annoying roommates JWOWW and Sammi. She might want to think twice about biting the nickname that feeds her. Literally!

Snooki just did an interview with Matt Lauer, talking about that ridiculous book she’s peddling around A Shore Thing.

She told Lauer, “People can judge me, they can have their opinions about me good or bad, but not everyone is going to like me.”

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