Did 'Jersey Shore's' Snooki Get Engaged?

February 16, 2012 By:
Did 'Jersey Shore's' Snooki Get Engaged?

Proof that there really is someone for everyone out there, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has said that her longtime boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, is 'The One'.

It's true, he is! He's The One who forgave her for showing the whole club her kooka, he's The One who put up with her banging 40% of the 'Jersey Shore' cast…the list goes on and I need to cut back on my 'Jersey Shore' watching. But the point is, love knows no bounds, not even kooka flashing.

Snooki says her and Jionni are planning to get engaged soon:

“I'm not thinking it may happen, I know,” Snooki tells In Touch. “I'm just waiting for him to ask. I'm 24, I've had all the fun I'm ever going to have in my life. I found the right guy, and I'm just waiting for him.”

But other reports are surfacing that the two are already engaged.

“She's waiting for the right time to announce the news to promote her new show,” a source said.

Awe, romantic.

“Jionni bought the ring," the source added, saying that LaValle planned to propose on Valentine's Day.

Snooki has said in the past about her man: “Jionni's a great guy, so you know, I'm so down to make guido babies with him!”

Meanwhile, Snooki and her BFF Jenni 'JWoww' Farley are set to make their debut in Jersey City on Tuesday to film their 'Jersey Shore' spin-ff. The two will be housed in Downtown Jersey City, and filming notices have already been posted in that area.

“We're just gonna take over the world,” JWoww said of the show.