David Letterman Fist Pumps for Snooki

September 22, 2010 By:
David Letterman Fist Pumps for Snooki

What happened when Snooki met David Letterman? They fist pumped baby, oooh yeah!

Snooki was a special guest star on The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday where she talked about sex, drinking and of course fist pumping.

"We start drinking Ron-Ron juice at like 8 o'clock," she told David Letterman. "What's Ron-Ron Juice?" a confused David asked, "Oh it messes you up" replies Snooki.

"So you're pretty much hammered before you leave the place, right?" David asked. "Oh, you have to," Snooks insisted. "You can't go to a club sober."

When asked about their sex lives, Snooki told David "Oh, of course [there's sex]! You got MVP! So it's Mike, Vinnie and Paulie. Their mission when they go out to the club is to get it in and smush with one girl or multiple girls."

Check out the hilarious clip of David fist pumping below...