10 Makeup-Less Celebrities

October 6, 2012 By:
10 Makeup-Less Celebrities

Holy naked celebrity faces!

This week, in honor of the season premiere “Jersey Shore” – or just because she felt like it - Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi showed off her makeup-less look on Twitter. And, well… It was a tad different than what we have come to expect from the guidette.

In the photo Snooki proved how much makeup can actually do, looking paler with – somehow – a much larger head…

Along with the twitpic was the caption, “Legit loungin in pjs & no makeup. I feel good.”

More like, “Legit, you look like an alien, girl!”

But Snooks isn’t the first gal to bare face for the public eye. Here are ten other celeb ladies that have gone makeup-less…

Katy Perry: Katy Perry snapped a photo while lounging in bed. Unfortunately it looked like the pop singer had left more than just a part of her behind.

Lindsay Lohan: Hey, there… That’s looks like Lindsay Lohan, only whiter… And angrier. Still, LiLo isn’t the worst star without makeup that we’ve ever encountered. Not that a little blush and eye shadow wouldn’t help make her look less, well, dead…

Jessica Biel: Justin Timberlake done good with his fiancé Jessica Biel. The former “7th Heaven” goddess remarkably looks just as good with no paint on her face as she does “red carpet ready.” Perfect skin, piercing eyes… Well done, JT!

Jessica Alba: While she’s not the stunner we were treated to in Sin City, this non-fabricated, uninterrupted look at Jessica Alba is far from treacherous. Fair skin and full lips… Also those schoolgirl pigtails don’t hurt either!

Pamela Anderson: It’s hard to believe this photo is the remains of the blonde vixen that was once bouncing along the beach-lined coast of “Baywatch.” Looking at a photo of Pam Anderson today is like going to modern day Bruce Springsteen concert… You’ll cringe the entire time, but there’s a nostalgic quality to it. Right?

Kim Kardashian: Like a time machine that can take us back to 2006, this picture of the Kardashian queen sans makeup seems to “normalize” the goddess we’ve spent five years putting on a pedestal. Kind of makes you wonder, ‘What’s the big deal?’ huh?

Madonna: Torn up? Try ripped to shreds. You got to give Madonna credit for rocking the stage at age 54. But, when it comes to stepping out in public, better take a couple more material minutes at the vanity mirror, girl!

Rihanna: Beauty at its absolute purest form… Despite all her wild costumes, questionable tweets and scandalous magazine covers, when you strip Rihanna down to bare skin, the result is near perfection. No wonder Chris Brown is begging to get her back!

Katie Holmes: Is that my mom? Without makeup, designer clothes and a red carpet, Katie Holmes comes off as a regular Josephina. Here she looks poised, yet plain. Not bad, but not that extravagant “Dawson’s Creek” star the Tom “fell in love with” either.

Beyoncé: No surprise here. Missing her makeup, Beyoncé is just as stunning as ever. With her charisma and beauty, I honestly think that this hip-hop icon has all the makings of a First Lady… Other than the whole not being married to a president thing.