Mitt Romney to Make Appearance on SNL?

April 16, 2012 By:
Mitt Romney to Make Appearance on SNL?

Mitt Romney, the conservative presidential hopeful, may make an appearance on Saturday Night Live? Yup, SNL creator Lorne Michaels reportedly has been campaigning to get Mitt Romney to make an appearance on the show.

Romney will probably be down to join the cast for one night in his never ending quest to appear “less like a robot.”

SNL has been spoofing on Romney nearly ever week since the Republican debates began with Jason Sudeikis playing him. Sudeikis’ version of Romney is like a cross between a wax figure and a hand model putting on a “rich man's” voice.

Romney recently appeared on Letterman to give the nightly Top Ten list, with one SNL writer calling him “funny.” If you say so….

Apparently, Romney is considering the role.

SNL has a history of political figures stopping by the show. Former NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani was basically a featured player and Sarah Palin made an appearance a few years ago. Al Gore and John McCain have both appeared on the sketch show too. Heck, even President Obama appeared on the show just a year before he was sworn in as president.

SNL makes fun of politicians weekly, so real-like political figures like to appear on the show as if to send the message “hah, look at how I can laugh at myself!”

Apparently it’s a good plan, I mean, it worked for Obama.