Anil Kapoor Donates Slumdog Paycheck to Charity

March 16, 2009 By:
Anil Kapoor Donates Slumdog Paycheck to Charity

Anil Kapoor is a real class act. The Slumdog Millionaire star has donated his entire paycheck from the Academy Award winning movie to a children's charity in India.

Kapoor handed over his wages from his role to Plan India, which helps underprivileged kids in the country. And he credits his humble upbringing for the inspiration behind his donation.

He says, "I think sometimes you do a film and everyone in this film - not only me - everyone connected to it had such a positive intent when they started. I think that's the reason for its success.

"Everyone - Danny (Boyle), Christian (Colson), Simon (Beaufoy), Anthony (Mantle) - they didn't have commerce in mind, they just wanted it to be a good film. We wanted as many people to see the film as possible. I feel it's the good intent of everyone and the children's good wishes and their families that have made this film what it has become.

"I told Danny, 'I can identify with Jamal Malik.' It's almost the same thing because I started from a very simple background. Not slums exactly, but a 200 square metre cubicle with common bathrooms and I never wore shoes, always bare feet running around."

While that paycheck probably didn't make or break him, his donation will surely change many children's lives. What a great role model!