Molly Ringwald Wants "Sixteen Candles" Sequel

July 1, 2008 By:
Molly Ringwald Wants

It’s the year of the comebacks so nothing really surprises us.

Molly Ringwald from ‘Sixteen Candles’ has expressed interest in doing a sequel for the hit 80’s film.

She says,

'It was something that I definitely wanted to
do, but [writer-director] John Hughes wasn't interested, and I didn't feel
comfortable doing it without his involvement. If we can get John to agree, I
think it would be great. I think there are definitely a lot of people who would
love to see it, and I would love to do it.
To me, the movie is 80's
perfection...and let's be honest for a know you'd love to see what
'Long Duk Dong' the foreign exchange student is up to nowadays.'

“Sixteen Candles” was definitely an 80’s classic. Why would they make a sequel when we are not really sick of the original?