They Make How Much? TV Star Salaries Revealed

August 10, 2011 By:
They Make How Much? TV Star Salaries Revealed

Screw getting a degree, saving your money, or playing the lotto: Just get a job in TV.

The salaries of TV actors and TV reality stars are disgusting. Apparently our country has hit some kind of debt ceiling slash we'll probably have this scary thing called an economic meltdown in the near future, but no worries HOLLYWOOD TV stars, we've still got your $75 million paycheck.

Here are TV highest paid stars:

Simon Cowell used to make $35 million a year as a judge on "American Idol" and although that sum had jaws dropping, he is now reportedly making $75 million per season on his new show "X Factor." Because he is both a producer and a judge, and pretty much created the "American Idol" "X-Factor" singing show format, he makes far more than his coworkers. Nicole Scherzinger will take home $1.5 million per season with Paula Abdul making $2.5 million.

Other reality stars making the big bucks include the cast of "Jersey Shore" who all make $100,000 per episode. That's over a million per season. This is the only time Snooki will have anything in common with Nicole Scherzinger.

Talk show hosts also rake in the cash. David Letterman leads the pack at $28 million a year. Jay Leno makes $25 million for making bad jokes and appealing to your parents, Kelly Ripa makes $20 Million to flirt with Regis everyday and Conan O'Brien "only" makes $10 million a year after being forced to move his show from NBC to TBS.

Also, Anderson Cooper, who is an actual CNN journalist and brings important information to the masses while maintaining his perfect silver hair and pressed polo shirts, makes $11 Million a year. Katie Couric still makes more at $15 million annually.

Now let's talk about the actors who make the big bucks. We should see higher figures for these guys, because they have better cheekbones and nicer speaking voices and do this thing called "playing a character."

Anyways, Ashton Kutcher is currently the highest paid sitcom actor making $700,000 per episode on "Two and a Half Men." This is considerably less than his predecessor Charlie Sheen who made $1.2 million per episode, but $1.2 million for Sheen is really only enough cash to last him a long weekend spent on drugs and "goddesses."

Hugh Laurie who is the lead on "House" also makes $700,000 per episode for his role on the hour-long drama. Other stars on TV drama's with high salaries include Mariska Hargitay who makes almost $400,000 per "Law & Order: SVU" episode and Blake Lively who only makes $60,000 for each "Gossip Girl" episode. It makes me a little uneasy that Pauly D makes more money than one of the leads on Gossip Girl. Time to leak another nude photo Blake?

Also, multiply each of those per episode sums by 22, which is how much each of the stars make per season. If you can do basic math, you'll realize that those are crazy salaries. Also, in TV there's this thing called hiatuses which is when TV actors go on summer break. So if these actors don't plan on taking any movie roles, they can make millions of dollars per year and still have a three month vacation.