Source: Simon Cowell's Engagement on the Rocks

October 18, 2010 By:
Source: Simon Cowell's Engagement on the Rocks

There may be trouble in paradise for Simon Cowell and his fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy!

Apparently Hussainy has been telling friends they’re having some problems. A friend of hers told the Daily Mail, "Mezhgan has said things are not great. She says she never gets any alone time with Simon and that he spends more time with his exes than he does with her.”

Simon Cowell Puts Off Wedding

"Simon is close to all his exes and spends most of his time with Jackie St Clair when he is in London. Mezhgan was expected to do the same, but she missed her family and friends back in LA. That's why she's gone back.

"She said he is just too difficult to date and they don't see each other enough. She moved to London to be with Simon and support him when he started The X Factor but she was bored and lonely. She was in his house on her own for much of the time."

We imagine someone like Simon is pretty hard to date because he’s so busy. A source close to Cowell insists that the pair are "still engaged and still very happy".

Awww, we hope they work things out!