Simon: I Feel Very Very Happy With Fiance

March 4, 2010 By:
Simon: I Feel Very Very Happy With Fiance

Simon Cowell is changing before our eyes. We thought he’d never settle down! And we’re sure his ex-girlfriend of eight years Terri Seymour would agree.

But ever since news broke that Cowell was engaged to American Idol makeup artist Mezghan Huissany, we’ve seen him soften a little. In an interview airing on UK television, Simon admits to being head over heels in love with his woman.

"You confuse lust with love, you know, when you're in your teens and stuff like that," Cowell says. "It's a difficult thing to describe other than you know it when you are."

And Simon is even thinking about having kids with her! "I think I possibly need to have a few more Simons around," he said. But right after that statement, he added, "The thing about kids, it's like marriage, you know you have to believe you're in something that you're in for the long term – a hundred percent."

Cowell’s tips on sustaining a long union? "You've got to really, really like somebody because there's a thin line between love and hate," he says. "As long as you can retain that chemistry as well then it [is] the most incredible feeling."

This is a side of him we’ve never seen, but we’re glad someone is able to make him happy. Because we know that is not an easy job!