Simon Cowell's Daily Salary Revealed

April 13, 2011 By:
Simon Cowell's Daily Salary Revealed

If you're unemployed or stuck in a dead end job, you may want to skip this one. We just found out how much Simon Cowell makes each day and I gotta admit the number is depressing--or inspirational.

Simon is reportedly earning £128,000 a day, which is roughly $208K in American dollars. Basically take the average American income yearly, multiple it by four, and that's how much he makes in ONE day.

So where is all the money coming from? Thanks to his hit shows 'The X-Factor' and 'America's Got Talent', he made £32.4 million in nine months during 2009, according to new figures.

Simon, who is estimated to be worth a huge £164 million, set up the business in 2002 and sold it to Sony BMG in 2005 for £43m in 2005 on the condition he got a cut of the profits as a salary.

In the next six years, he could very well become a billionaire thanks to his new company Syco Entertainment Limited, which is co-owned by himself and Sony BMG. He now owns all of his musical and television assets, including the UK and US versions of 'The X Factor' and the contracts of his superstar artists such as Leona Lewis.

Under the terms of the arrangement Simon earns 50 per cent of everything the company makes, rather than a percentage of the profits.

Maybe Simon should consider running for Governor of California. The man knows how to make money--and make it fast.