Simon Cowell Stalked By Home Intruder

March 26, 2012 By:
Simon Cowell Stalked By Home Intruder

Talk about a hard-core “X-Factor” fan. A 29-year-old woman named Leanne Zaloumis tried to break into Simon Cowell’s London home carrying a brick! They say the woman was an “overzealous fan” but she sounds more like a “crazy nutjob.” Hey, maybe she just got confused on the details of the X-Factor auditions?

The woman broke into Cowell’s home and he came face to face with the woman before she was detained by his on-site security team. She was later charged with trespassing on the property and intending to “inflict grievous bodily harm upon a person therein.”

Apparently Cowell heard a loud sound and rushed to the source, only to find this crazy chick holding a brick.

“It came from the bathroom, so he went in,” says Cowell’s spokesperson Max Clifford, “She had smashed her way in through the window, and it was unclear how long she had been there or what she was doing.”

That’s super freaky. What was she intending to do in the house? Use his bathroom? Attack Simon Cowell? Sing a Mariah Carey song a cappella in an attempt to become a contestant on “The X Factor?”

“It was a very frightening experience for Simon, who told me it was like something from a horror movie,” adds Clifford.